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A home to medical excellence, quality care and total well being
Camden medical

Centrally located on the fringe of the Orchard Road shopping belt, Camden Medical is known not only for its multi-disciplinary cluster of renowned medical professionals but its iconic architecture.

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Just for Kids
As medicine moves towards a more preventive and relationship-based approach, healthcare services are dedicating themselves to ensuring that this work starts as early as possible. We speak to two clinics in Camden Medical who have created dedicated child-friendly spaces to make visits to the doctor and dentist as pleasant as possible
Keeping Quality Vision Care in Sight
Built on the motto, ‘Restore, Enhance, Sustain’, Eye & Retina Surgeons (ERS), has built a strong multidisciplinary specialty practice since it opened in 2007, attracting a high calibre of specialists and growing a patient network that spans the region.
Helping Your Child Reach Greater Heights
More are seeking help to address growth-related issues for ‘late bloomers'. According to Dr Warren Lee, Senior Consultant & Endocrinologist, this heightened awareness is important in not just becoming taller, but identifying potential medical issues as well.
Return Safely to Camden Medical
As we return to our lives in the new normal, Camden Medical has taken precautions to ensure your visits are safe and in line with national infection control measures.
Caring For Your Skin While Wearing Masks
Unlike the facial masks that moisturise and beautify our skin, masks – an essential norm in today’s pandemic-afflicted world – can result in the opposite and cause skin complaints of all sorts. Dr Isabelle Yeoh from IYAC Aesthetic Clinic shares how to care for skin while also keeping safe.
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