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A home to medical excellence, quality care and total well being
Camden medical

Centrally located on the fringe of the Orchard Road shopping belt, Camden Medical is known not only for its multi-disciplinary cluster of renowned medical professionals but its iconic architecture.

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Dr Yvonne Goh
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Polaris Both Drs
A Seamless Screening and Diagnosis Journey Tailored for You
Health screening is an important aspect of preventive care. ATA Medical believes that this starts with you – your needs, concerns and goals – and delivers personalised screening programmes and disease management protocols that support you in your health journey.
Beyond Aesthetics
Aesthetic treatments are becoming more popular as people become more invested in self-care and graceful ageing. But did you know – some aesthetic treatments are more than cosmetic? A few can be used to manage medical conditions as well.
Your Ally in Achieving Healthy Skin
When it comes to skin health, many of us are more than aware of conditions such as eczema and acne. Another issue that warrants attention is sun-related damage - which can not only lead to pigmentation but also increase the risk of skin cancer.
Levelling Up Specialist Gastroenterology Care
Offering a tailored experience that focuses on patient concerns and needs, ELEVATE Gastroenterology creates person-focused health journeys that bring a higher level of care to every individual who steps through its doors.
Closing the Gap in Plastic Surgery
Envisioned as a one-stop centre that offers a luxurious patient experience, Polaris Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Camden Medical is serving a growing demographic of patients looking for optimal outcomes and faster recoveries.
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