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Sheralyn Tay
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Your Well-Being, Our Priority

As we return to our lives in the new normal, Camden Medical has taken precautions to ensure your visits are safe and in line with national infection control measures.

Please check in

Please check in using SafeEntry and take your temperature at the Level 1 Lobby.

Take note of our entry point

Please use the main entry point along the Orchard Spring Lane. The other two entry/exit points are closed for now. Please follow the signs posted for direction to the main entrance.

Maintain safe distance

Please abide by safe distancing demarcations.

Who may accompany patients?

Please check with your clinic on their visitor allowance.

Heightening disinfection

Lift buttons are coated with a special disinfectant coating and sanitised every 30 minutes. High touch point areas are sanitised every hour. Deep sanitization of common area is done once a month.

What to do if you develop respiratory symptoms during/after a visit

Seek treatment promptly. Call your GP to make an appointment.

Additional Measures to Keep the Community Safe

Patients on SHN will be directed to separate registration area, and access the clinic through a dedicated lift.

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