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As a paediatric surgeon at Paediatric Surgery and Urology International, Dr Wong emphasizes that children are not just ‘small adults’. Because of their unique physiology, their needs and conditions are best seen by a surgeon with in-depth knowledge and experience in paediatric anatomy. “In our young patients, there is little room for error so we want to be as safe as possible before, during and after surgery,” he said.

Assisted by a team of registered nurses, Dr Wong conducts a range of surgeries at his centre, with both open as well as minimal access techniques. Some of the more common surgeries in neonates, infants and children include circumcisions, tongue-tie release, hernia and hydrocele repair, surgery for undescended testis and other urological conditions. He also operates on patients in the older age group, who are teenagers and young adults. Many of his patients come via word-of-mouth referrals. Regardless of age, Dr Wong believes in making the most out of every patient contact, building rapport and taking time to explain diagnoses and procedures. This, he shared, helps to clarify doubts and offer reassurance.

For instance, when examining his young patients, he encourages parents to be present. “It is helpful to show them on the spot what I find and what I plan to do,” he explained. This helps alleviate the anxiety that parents feel over their child’s condition.

Another area that Dr Wong addresses is post-surgical after care. On the day of surgery, after the operation, most if not all, of his patients are able to return home where they can recover in the comfort of their own beds.

For this to happen, Dr Wong adopts techniques and equipment so that the patient can be discharged on the same day. Take for example, surgery for hypospadias, a condition where the urethra (the tube that carries urine out of the body) is not located at the tip of the penis. Historically, this involves a two-weeks or more hospital stay for monitoring. However, Dr. Wong’s patients can go home after surgery, on the same day, with specific intra-operative measures, post-operative wound care advice and analgesia.

All of his patients can also reach him via instant messaging. “It is important to be contactable after an operation, especially in the first few days after surgery,” he said. As a doctor, he believes his duty is not just in treating conditions at a given point in time, but also in ensuring continuity of care and looking after the patient’s whole being. This underscores Paediatric Surgery and Urology International's motto of care: “Your child first.”

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MBBS (Singapore)

MRCS (Surgery) (Glasgow)

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