Our Team

Our Team
About Camden
Vice-President of Marketing

Lynn brings a wealth of experience from a range of luxury real estate. She takes personal pride in crafting a curated experience for all discerning members of the Camden Community.

Senior Property Executive

A reliable problem-solver, Faddilah is known for her efficiency and attentiveness to tenant needs.

Property Manager

A knack for multi-tasking and project management, Pamela goes the extra mile to ensure operations and services run smoothly in Camden Medical.

Senior Customer Service Executive

As a Premium Medical Concierge, Divine is the ‘go to’ person for all at Camden Medical visitors. Her proactive, friendly and empathetic assistance ensures all visitors and tenants are well looked after.

Senior Security Supervisor

With 18 years of service at Camden Medical, Nazar is a familiar and friendly face to all at the Centre. He and his team are always on call and keep Camden Medical a safe and secure place 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Weng Siang
Technical Officer

Approachable and quick-thinking, Weng Siang is the problem-solver at Camden Medical. He plays a crucial role in equipment maintenance to ensure smooth reliable daily services.