Closing the Gap in Plastic Surgery

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Shaping a New Path and Closing the Gap in Plastic Surgery

Envisioned as a one-stop centre that offers a luxurious patient experience, Polaris Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Camden Medical is serving a growing demographic of patients looking for optimal outcomes and faster recoveries.

Evoking a sense of calm and discreet luxury, the spacious Polaris Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Clinic at Camden Medical, is more than a series of consultation rooms. Its Medical Directors, Dr Adrian Ooi and Dr Pek Chong Han, have carefully planned a comfortable, convenient and quality experience for all patients who walk through its doors.

Polaris Reception
Polaris Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Reception

The well-appointed clinic not only has the usual consultation and treatment rooms, but a fully-equipped and accredited ambulatory surgical centre tucked into a bright and airy corner of their premises.

Polaris OT
Polaris Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Surgical Centre

According to Dr Pek, this allows the delivery of a one-of-a-kind seamless experience where patients enjoy a curated journey of care.

“From consultation to treatment and surgery, we can manage the process ourselves with our team of doctors, clinic managers and nurses,” says Dr Pek.

This provides greater convenience for patients and enables the delivery of team-based care that comprehensively looks after a patient’s needs.

Polaris Dr Pek
Dr Pek Chong Han

With decades of shared surgical experience between them, Dr Pek and Dr Ooi are well versed in a range of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery services. This includes eyelid enhancement, facial rejuvenation, body contouring and breast augmentation, as well as complex microsurgery and reconstructive procedures.

Polaris Dr Ooi
Dr Adrian Ooi

Bridging the Gap

They are increasingly expanding their expertise in hybrid minimally invasive treatments for a growing trend of ‘gap patients’.

“For many years, patients tend to only have two options: non-invasive/non-surgical treatments (such as laser, botox, fat freezing etc.) or surgical procedures,” he says. “It can be a big jump for patients to go from the occasional laser treatment or filler to go under the knife. But we want to bridge that gap.”

Faruk tokluoglu yr U JTLU ro unsplash

Using hybrid reconstructive procedures that use minimally invasive and new technologies, Dr Pek and Dr Ooi deploy treatments that deliver comparable results with shorter recovery times.

Body and face contouring and rejuvenation

Offering body and face sculpting without the need for any large surgical incisions, this minimally invasive procedure uses a thin wand (known as a cannula) and radio-frequency energy to both ‘melt’ away fat and tighten the skin.

Small incisions are made to insert the cannula, which delivers radiofrequency energy which directly heats the targeted area to liquefy unwanted fat, and also cause effective contraction of the skin and its underlying support septal network.

This device has both skin surface and internal temperature sensors which help to both protect the skin and effectively heat up target tissue. This results in direct heat energy that tightens the target tissue in the most effective and natural way.

Most patients return to their normal activities in a few days.

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Hybrid breast augmentation

This is a technique of combining breast implants with fat grafting. Also known as composite breast augmentation, this method uses smaller implants and the patient’s own fat to create a more customised and natural look.

Another benefit is that it uses unwanted fat from other parts of the patient’s body (such as stomach, thighs and buttocks), trimming down these areas to achieve a more contoured and slimmer silhouette.

Philippe spitalier M Ur fp74 Ivo unsplash

Eyelid and eyebag surgery

In keeping with a growing trend of subtle and natural outcomes, eyelid and eyebag surgeries too have evolved.

The move is not only towards ‘scarless’ surgical procedures for the eyes to remove eyebags and lift eyelids – but also adding on the use of tightening devices to lift the skin so that loose skin does not need to be removed. The outcome is that the eyes look lifted and open.

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Regardless of procedure, Dr Pek and Dr Ooi take a team-based approach to their care. This means bringing together multidisciplinary care wherever needed to ensure that every aspect of care is considered.

“We have an ecosystem of professionals that we have worked with for a long time, so we ensure that the delivery of care is hassle-free.”
Polaris Both Drs 2
Dr Pek (left) and Dr Ooi (right)

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