A Seamless Screening and Diagnosis Journey Tailored for You

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A Seamless Screening and Diagnosis Journey Tailored for You

Health screening is an important aspect of preventive care. ATA Medical believes that this starts with you – your needs, concerns and goals – and delivers personalised screening programmes and disease management protocols that support you in your health journey.

Healthier SG will see the transformation of the Singapore healthcare approach to one that prioritises preventive health. By anchoring healthcare closer to where people live and work, prioritising screenings, health literacy and patient empowerment, it seeks to reshape the patient-doctor relationship so that both become partners in a sustained journey of health.

According to Dr Leonard Leng, healthcare screenings will play an essential role in this drive. The goal of ATA Medical, he added, is not only to be an accessible and convenient medical clinic situated at Camden Medical and the CBD, but also to offer expertise on personalising screening to obtain a more accurate and detailed health assessment. While basic health screening is a good start, it only “scratches the surface”, he explained.

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Dr Leonard Leng

Take an electrocardiogram (ECG), which records the electrical signal from the heart. One of the simplest and fastest tools for evaluating heart health, the ECG is excellent at monitoring the heartbeat at a given point in time, it is less accurate in detecting issues with blood flow or blockages in the arteries.

“For a better picture of heart health, we recommend a Cardiac Computed Tomography (CT) scan – which we can do in-house – to non-invasively detect calcium and plaque deposits,” said Dr Leng.

Suggested CT 1
CT Scanner

The clinics also provide a wide range of blood tests that cover common health metrics as well as more specific ones. “We aim to be at the forefront of screening technology,” Dr Leng shared, “We offer advanced precision medicine options like blood tests that look not just for cancer biomarkers – which can lead to false positives or negatives – but also spot the presence of genetic material (or DNA) of cancer cells in the blood.”

This highly sensitive test identifies cancer signals that are commonly associated with 50 cancers, including lung, breast and colon cancer. This allows for early detection, timely and accurate diagnosis and enables doctors to make informed treatment decisions for better outcomes.

Suggested Blood Tests
Blood Tests

Apart from screenings, the clinic also manages chronic diseases with customised intervention plans – all with a personal touch. “We take time to explain results to our patients, walk them through treatment options and develop tailored care plans, in partnership with our specialist partners where needed," explained Dr Joel Foo.

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Dr Joel Foo

The goal, added Dr Jana Lim, is to deliver person-centred care that tailors screening programmes based on a person’s needs and concerns, as well as their family history, lifestyle and other factors.

“As doctors who are passionate about preventive health, we believe in individualising care so that patients are treated as people, not cases. This whole-of-person care enables us to partner people in achieving sound total health.”

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Dr Jana Lim

This philosophy of care for ‘people-not-just-patients’ is underscored by their attention to creating a smooth and hassle-free experience wherever possible. Each clinic is well-equipped to undertake a wide spectrum of screening, including blood tests and radiological scans.

Suggested Ultrasound
Ultrasound Scans
Suggested X Ray
X-Ray Scans

The team strives to facilitate easy-to-make appointments, same-day results and speedy turnaround of medical documentation. ATA Medical clinics are also centrally located to serve their respective communities.

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ATA Medical

“Our patient pool at Camden Medical is very diverse,” shared Dr Leng. Their patient profile includes expatriates, residents in the area and – being at the doorstep of Orchard Boulevard MRT station – those who live in the city fringe. They also serve many corporate organisations.

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Camden Medical and Orchard Boulevard MRT

Whoever walks through their doors, the ATA Medical team stays true to their namesake, ‘ata’, which means ‘you’ in Hebrew. With this ethos as their foundation, the team is focused on designing their care delivery, patient journey and tailored care plans with ‘you’ at heart.

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ATA Medical Team
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ATA Medical

The information provided in this article is meant purely for general information purposes only and may not be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have any questions or concerns about your health, please seek the advice of your doctor or qualified healthcare provider. The views, information or opinions expressed in this article are solely that of the writer and the interviewees and do not necessarily reflect those of, and are not endorsed by, Camden Medical.

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